FAQ's Answered

How should I apply the cream?

The preferred application technique is to massage the topical cream into the affected area thoroughly up to 2 minutes. The base of the cream is engineered to allow the medication to penetrate into the affected area. Do not wash area where for at least (1) hour to allow time for maximum absorption. You may experience a tingly sensation when applied which is normal.

How much and how often should I apply the cream?

Follow the instructions prescribed by your physician. Typical application instructions are to apply 1-2 pumps to the affected area 3-4 times a day. Your cream will come in an easy to use pump. Each depression of the pump will dose close to 1.5 grams of cream. A common routine of 4 applications a day might be after a morning shower, before lunch, mid-afternoon and late evening.

Is it okay to skip doses?

It is not the most effective way to handle your condition. For example if taking the pain cream, your pain is best controlled by applying the cream as your doctor recommends. Every case is different. However, consistent use should result in consistent results. Always speak with your physician before making modifications to your treatment plan.

Are there any precautions?

Do not cover or place and occlusive bandage over the application site. Wash hands before and after application. Be careful not to touch eyes or mouth until you wash your hands as this may cause irritation. If someone else is helping you apply the cream, it is suggested that person wears a finger cot or a glove.

How should I store the cream?

The cream should be kept at room temperature and does not require refrigeration. Exposure to heat or direct sunlight may cause the cream and medication to separate.

Do you have an auto refill option?

You may elect to place your prescription on an auto refill program. Your Physician must indicate on your prescription the desired number of refills.