Client Testimonials

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    Nationwide Meds Are Very Helpful and Assisted Me Step-by-Step... through the prescription process. Due to a severe car accident, I've been suffering with chronic back pain ever since. I've tried several approaches to relieve the pain. I was injected with steroid shots as well as epidermal shots, but it relieved the pain only for a short amount of time. I even tried acupuncture which didn't help me at all. At first I was skeptical that a topical pain cream will be as effective as a pain killer. However; I was amazed with the results. I apply the topical pain cream as needed and I no longer take any pain killers that are very addicting. I highly recommend this product to anyone experiencing back pain. I am believer for life. Thank you Nationwide Meds to introducing me to this product.

    Elizabeth Wood, Topical Pain Cream

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    Every day I look in the mirror and I can’t help seeing the facial scar I have. I’ve tried numerous over-the-counter products; however I didn’t see any results. I went to my dermatologist for advice. I was introduced to this compounding solution that was specialized to my scar. I was impressed with the easiness and quickness of receiving the product. It was delivered to my home the following day it was prescribed. I starting using the product for a short amount of time and my scar minimized. Now, I am not afraid to look in the mirror anymore. Thank You!!

    Brian Richardson, Scar

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    I have been suffering with adult acne for about a year and I’ve tried a number of well published solutions but none of them cleared up skin. I am very self-conscience when it comes to my skin. I feel like everyone was looking at my skin and not looking at me. My good friend recommended I try a compounded product that was customized to my condition. Within the first two weeks I started seeing result. I’ve been using the cream for two months and not only has my acne cleared up but I feel great about my skin. I can’t express my gratitude enough. I feel like myself again.

    Anne Hartley, Acne